Karen O Lights Up with Danger Mouse

While The Yeah Yeah Yeahs continue doing not much of anything, at least singer Karen O isn’t slacking off. Her nine-song detour with collaboration king Danger Mouse, Lux Prima, will officially have the curtain pulled on it come March 15. The two advance singles – the atmospheric title track and the more soulful and propulsive “Woman” – bode well for the full album.

On a related subject, that new Broken Bells song “Shelter” has been on high rotation in this chick’s iPod since early December. What’s the word on an album there? Oh, that’s right – albums are passé again, unless it’s some used Steely Dan album from 1975 that you’ll fork over $20 for at the hip vinyl emporium and play it maybe once and then file it away because the idea of having it was cooler than actually having it, but does that stop you from forking over $20 for a used copy of Hot Space the next time you go record shopping? No, it does not.

Photo by Eliot Lee Hazel.