I Am a Rocketship Take a Night Flight

While most current bands’ nods to the ’90s involve copping the sounds of Brit pop, indie rock, or grunge, Atlanta-based duo I Am a Rocketship want to warm the cockles of our hearts with a cover of Rammstein’s angst-riddled signature tune “Du Hast.”

It’s not what you might suspect, as the electronic pop duo recreate your high school buddies’ mixtape standby in their own image without downplaying the original song’s sense of unease.

“Du Hast” is just one of several standout tracks on the Atlanta-based duo of Eric Weissinger (guitar) and LE Kippner’s (keyboards) new album Mind Graffiti, out Feb. 21.

The dark theatrics of “Vertigo,” the trip hop weirdness of “Kick,” and other selections draw comparisons to The Kills, Portishead, and for those of us fond of 2003, Evanescence. By borrowing from such disparate influences, I Am a Rocketship create something fresh yet familiar.