Kurt Vile Wants You to Know He Loves You

Matador Records will release Kurt Vile’s latest collection of lope-along weed-wackers on Oct. 12. Bottle It In was recorded at various studios around the country, in between tours or road trips, including facilities in Los Angeles, Brooklyn, Portland and Bridgeport, Connecticut.

Guests include Kim Gordon (on “acoustic guitar distortion”), Cass McCombs (backing vocals), Warpaint’s Stella Mozgawa (drums), Mary Lattimore (harp) and more. The 12 original tracks are cut down the middle with a cover of Charlie Rich’s “Rollin’ With the Flow,” which could also be an appropriate descriptor of the immaculately stoned mood of Vile’s songs.

“For a while I was terrified of flying, so I would be listening to whatever country songs I was obsessed with,” Vile shares. “I’d have George Jones blasting in my ears. Or, I would be reading something about country music. Or, I would start writing songs in that flash of being afraid, being swallowed by life. I’m up there on a plane drinking wine because like everybody else I’m afraid to die… When you’re terrified of dying, that’s when you want people to know that you love them.”

Photo by Jo McCaughey.