K. Michelle DuBois, Wild in the Weeds

Atlanta rocker K. Michelle DuBois doesn’t just sound like a ’90s alt-rocker. She is one, coming of age with Ultrababyfat – an awesome local band from back when a dolphin playing basketball suited rock bands’ cover art needs.

The Parsons Rocket Project collaborator and Rock*A*Teens participant’s new solo album Harness, out Oct. 12, pushes her sound forward without abandoning the prior appeal of an artist often compared to Aimee Mann, Liz Phair and Jenny Lewis.

For those of us in tune with our inner-hippie, there’s something downright metaphysical about the would-be Bangles song “Love and Only Love,” the electronic sleaze-pop cut “City Lights,” the ’90s alt-rock homage “Heart Like a Yardstick,” and the tense instrumental “Margot on the Ocean.”

These album cuts and others are made memorable in part by the production skills of Atlanta’s own Dan Dixon. The ace producer and PLS PLS member also chips in on guitars. keyboards, backing vocals, and percussion, with Chandler Rentz behind the drum kit. In all, it’s a solid release involving multiple local talents with hard-earned reputations.