Mazzy Star Holds Still June 1st

It’s been 25 years (!) since “Fade Into You” first wafted into the consciousness of Generation X, where it became the soundtrack of countless tonsil-hockey sessions, and Mazzy Star still holds our hearts in their hands despite extended periods of silence. It took Hope Sandoval and David Roback them 17 years to cut a record to follow Among My Swan, so the prospect of waiting for new sounds is a necessary burden to shoulder. Sandoval wrote, recorded and toured with the Warm Inventions in the interim and ultimately reconvened with Roback for more Mazzy Star material. Come June 1st, they’ll grace us with a new EP, Still.

Roback and Sandoval are forever closed-mouthed about their music, so neither have much to say about Still, but this we know for sure: It contains three new songs, including the subtle guitar and piano ballad “Quiet, the Winter Harbor,” and an alternate version of “So Tonight That I Might See.” Mazzy Star will soon journey southward on their first trip to the opposite hemisphere, where they’ll perform a three-night stint at the Sydney Opera House as part of the VividLIVE Festival. It’ll mark their first live appearances in five years.