Nots Embrace the Power of 3

The members of Memphis-based post-punk band Nots found themselves adjusting from a quartet to a trio for the recording of their third album, following the departure of synth smacker Alexandra Eastburn. But guitarist/vocalist Natalie Hoffman, bassist Meredith Lones and drummer Charlotte Watson deftly adapted to their minimal lineup, with Hoffman stepping up to take over the noisy synth nook of their sound alongside her other duties.

“Once we really leaned into the space that being a three-piece afforded us, our writing started to make better sense and connect,” explains Hoffman. “It made for a more interesting record than if we’d stayed comfortable and safe in the way we were writing.”

Goner Records will release 3 on May 10, with loads of tour dates to follow throughout the spring, so stay alert. Nots are definitely not a band to be missed.