Hope For Agoldensummer Put On Their Happy Face

Sisters Page and Claire Campbell, known collectively as Athens-based musical duo Hope For Agoldensummer, landed a pretty sweet gig through the recent influx of true crime documentaries and podcasts. The pair recorded a moody, folksy soundtrack for new podcast Happy Face.

The HowStuffWorks-produced podcast tells the story of convicted serial killer Keith Hunter Jepson, a.k.a. the Happy Face Killer, from the perspective of his daughter, Melissa Moore. Her involvement in the 12-episode series offers an interesting first-person spin on the type of real-life horror story that inspires Netflix binge sessions and seasons of the Serial podcast.

As for the soundtrack, it’s a 23-track collection featuring the haunting harmonies and droning folk arrangements suitable for such a chilling tale set in the Pacific Northwest. What’s really spooky, and twistedly fitting for such a podcast, is Claire’s use of a musical saw!

For us true crime junkies, it’s a worthwhile listen, sweetened by the inclusion of talented, Georgia-based musicians.