Venus Furs – Venus Furs

If you’re going to launch a musical project that evokes memories of a Velvet Underground song (“Venus in Furs” from 1967’s The Velvet Underground & Nico) you had better deliver the goods, or at least be prepared to get called out for not doing so. The plain fact is, while Venus Furs is quite appealing,… Continue reading Venus Furs – Venus Furs

Hip Your Ears to Hip to Death

Despite the handicap of having one of the worst names in the Atlanta music scene, Hip to Death are capable of crunching out some enormously formidable sunglasses-at-night post-punk. Their new album, TMI America (CD, LP and digital via their Die Indy label), is a potent crush of throbbing, ominous bass jabs, oppressive drums and swarms… Continue reading Hip Your Ears to Hip to Death

A Discussion Worth Listening To

Guitarist/vocalist Laura Pleasants’ post-Kylesa concern The Discussion is out with a brand new 7-inch capturing their shadowy, subterranean post-punk. Original A-side “Deathtripper” is a spellbinding swirl ‘round a throbbing bog bubbling over with equal parts shoegaze and dream-pop. The B-side’s cover of The Cure’s “A Forest” underscores it all for slow learners. With Pleasants on… Continue reading A Discussion Worth Listening To

Sonic Boom Makes Himself Heard

Sonic Boom, better known to his relatives as Peter Kember, has always followed an unconventional musical path, whether under the Spectrum banner, his expeditions with Experimental Audio Research (a fluctuating soundscape project that has included Kevin Shields, Delia Derbyshire and AMM’s Eddie Prévost, among others), his recordings as Sonic Boom, collaborations with acts including Stereolab,… Continue reading Sonic Boom Makes Himself Heard

Various Artists – C90

The 1990s was the rare decade that actually started on time – specifically, on April 8, 1990. That was the Sunday when everyone could go to the multiplex to see the latest John Waters comedy and get home in time to watch Matt Groening’s hit sitcom before turning the channel to ABC for a TV-movie… Continue reading Various Artists – C90

Black Swan Lane

Time Can Never Lie: Black Swan Lane Stares Down the Other Side “The music, to me, is pretty uplifting,” notes Jack Sobel, concerning his musical endeavor of over 13 years, Black Swan Lane. He pauses, then adds: “The lyrics themselves change that… My stuff has always been really dramatic… But then… people [write me] every… Continue reading Black Swan Lane

DIIV – Deceiver

Deceiver, the third album from Brooklyn-born/now LA-based post-punk/shoegaze quartet DIIV (pronounced “dive”) is apparently meant to be a cathartic affair. Vocalist/guitarist Zachary Cole Smith has a gentle, almost boyish voice, which makes for an interesting combination with his somber and introspective lyrics. Many of these songs apparently address his recovery from drug addiction, which caused… Continue reading DIIV – Deceiver

What’s the Matter with Holy Beach?

Atlanta-based band Holy Beach formed earlier this year, and the six-piece is already ready to suit your angsty listening needs with its heavy, experimental debut album, All That Matters is This Matter. When John Lally of shoegaze group Sleep Therapy’s songwriting took a metaphysical turn, he recruited guitarists Jon Hilton (Us Prizms), Mike Gibbs (Krem Love)… Continue reading What’s the Matter with Holy Beach?

Ride Disregard Safety Concerns

This is Not a Safe Place, a new album from melodic Oxford, England psych/shoegaze quartet Ride, will be released on August 16, courtesy of Wichita Recordings. Like 2017’s return to form, Weather Diaries, this new LP was produced by London-based electro-house DJ Erol Alkan, which may at first glance seem like an odd paring, but… Continue reading Ride Disregard Safety Concerns

Thayer Sarrano


Transcendental Floss: Thayer Sarrano Spreads Her Wings “Shoegaze” is a misnomer when it comes to the multi-faceted sound of Thayer Sarrano. The prolific side musician turned band leader explores storytelling devices beyond her immense guitar skills. No instrumentation, genre or special guest from her past was off limits in the making of Wings Alleluia, out… Continue reading Thayer Sarrano

Westkust Detonates Second Blast of Swedish Psych-Rock

Swedish psych-rockers Westkust craft gorgeous and formidable shoegaze gusts that phaser-stun their way directly into your memory banks. Their songs are as melodic and pop-centered as they are massive and cascading. And now, nearly four years after the release of their smoldering 2015 debut album Last Forever, the group returns with a self-titled follow-up LP,… Continue reading Westkust Detonates Second Blast of Swedish Psych-Rock

All You Have to Do is Dreamend

Dreamend, the one-man musical outlet of Savannah’s Ryan Graveface (The Casket Girls, Marshmallow Ghosts, Black Moth Super Rainbow), releases its first album in six years on April 6th. Pressed and distributed via his own Graveface Records label, the album is untitled because, as Graveface puts it, it’s not a concept album as previous Dreamend releases… Continue reading All You Have to Do is Dreamend

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club: It’s Better Than Wiping Asses With a distinctive sound that draws from shoegaze and garage rock, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club has spent 20 years building a sizable fan base. The band’s eighth album, Wrong Creatures, was released in January and charted in at least eight countries worldwide. In February, the group… Continue reading Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

No Sleep ‘Til Bummerville

Savannah’s Bummerville makes unabashedly filthy garage-punk the right way. They’re not copycats of classic bands or even underground underdogs that just happen to sound like some Ty Segall cassette tape side project. Synth player, guitarist, and vocalist Daniel Brady Lynch thinly veils his own take on melodic garage and indie rock with thick, bristly sheets of electrified aggression. The band’s self-titled… Continue reading No Sleep ‘Til Bummerville

Black Swan Lane – Under My Fallen Sky

Black Swan Lane have been steadily building a genuinely impressive musical archive for just over ten years now, while perpetually lurking in the shadows of Atlanta’s music scene. But it’s the shadows where they’re clearly most content…and, indeed, it’s from where their music most often seems to emanate. Anchored by Jack Sobel (vocals, guitars, drums,… Continue reading Black Swan Lane – Under My Fallen Sky

Heaven Turns Blue for Second LP

Excellent Brooklyn psych-rockers Heaven – whose members have recorded or toured with Dean & Britta, Swervedriver and even Atlanta’s Snowden (in one of the later lineups) – will be releasing their second album All Love Is Blue on March 2nd, but Atlanta fans can get an advance dose when the band begins a brief Southeastern… Continue reading Heaven Turns Blue for Second LP

Song Premiere: A Drug Called Tradition “With You Miss You”

Abby Gogo were a glimmering if characteristically chaotic source of psych-rock sustenance during their nine (give or take?) years slugging it out in Atlanta’s (by way of Tuscaloosa’s) underground slime. Aside from soaking in the radiant reverberations of their recurring live shows and their terrific album (which I think was self-titled but I usually just… Continue reading Song Premiere: A Drug Called Tradition “With You Miss You”


Outta the Casket: Ryan Graveface Interviews Christian Savill on Slowdive’s Slo-Mo Return Heavily into the so-called shoegaze sound, if you ever ask Ryan Graveface to name his favorite band, chances are high he’ll quickly respond with, “Slowdive.” The Savannah workhorse – musician/composer for odd little groups including The Casket Girls, Dreamend and The Marshmallow Ghosts;… Continue reading Slowdive

Ride Share Their Weather Diaries

Weather Diaries, the first album of new material from British shoegaze rock veterans Ride since they reformed in 2014, will reach stores both mortar and online on June 16th. Not only is the original quartet – Andy Bell, Mark Gardener, Laurence Colbert and Steve Queralt – intact, but Weather Diaries reunites the band with mixer Alan… Continue reading Ride Share Their Weather Diaries

A Place to Bury Strangers

Minimum-Maximum: Going Deaf by Audio with A Place to Bury Strangers To this day, the loudest concert I’ve ever experienced was My Bloody Valentine and Dinosaur Jr at the Masquerade in February 1992. It was the sort of overwhelming, unrelenting volume that felt like it was rearranging my inner organs into a new configuration. You… Continue reading A Place to Bury Strangers

Yo La Tengo – Extra Painful


Since Yo La Tengo launched a reissue campaign ostensibly to celebrate its thirtieth year as a band, it’s a bit odd to start with their sixth release, one that’s barely old enough to drink. The choice of Painful has its logic, though – the 1993 album was the trio’s first on Matador Records, its first… Continue reading Yo La Tengo – Extra Painful

Deafheaven – New Bermuda

So why has Deafheaven’s rise to semi-popularity been such a source of contention for the metal community? Is it because vocalist George Clarke looks like he stepped out of an Express Men’s catalog? Is it because the band’s seamless melding of postrock, shoegaze and (yes) emo styles with black metal is taken by black metal’s… Continue reading Deafheaven – New Bermuda


Got to Lose Control and Then You Take Control: Dasher Whips, Crushes, Liquefies It’s pretty astounding to consider that Kylee Kimbrough only began playing music five years ago, while today her band Dasher ranks as Atlanta’s most intense and thrilling din-maker. Credit that largely to sheer determination, on a multitude of levels. After learning her… Continue reading Dasher

Deafheaven – Sunbather

In the 20+ years since acts like Mayhem and Emperor began donning corpsepaint, taking Satanism and Heathenism much too seriously, burning churches, murdering one another, waxing poetic about the superiority of the Nordic race and – oh yeah – recording some crazy-ass music, black metal has seen a lot of changes. These days the American bands… Continue reading Deafheaven – Sunbather

The Besnard Lakes

The Besnard Lakes

Ladies and Gentlemen, We Are Floating in Space: The Besnard Lakes Make Contact with Imperceptible UFO Are we alone? The Besnard Lakes don’t think so, and for good reason, too. Not long ago, their drummer, Kevin Laing, was relaxing beneath the night sky on the terrace of his Montreal apartment, where he spends many evenings.… Continue reading The Besnard Lakes

Spiritualized – Sweet Heart Sweet Light

Jason Pierce is on a roll. Recovered from a serious illness, and having toured a walk-through of career-defining album Ladies and Gentlemen, We Are Floating In Space, you’d be forgiven for thinking the onetime Jason Spaceman was primed to coast on the laurels of a 25-year career. Instead he’s rattled off the most exciting Spiritualized… Continue reading Spiritualized – Sweet Heart Sweet Light

Lucy Dreams

Teen Dreamers Decatur’s Golden Kids Lucy Dreams make pollution-pretty pop that’s most closely comparable to Slowdive’s English shoegaze, albeit a bit happier take. But that couldn’t be what the five-piece had in mind when they crafted the intricately layered tunes on Vivian, their debut LP out this month. That’s probably because the five-piece is so… Continue reading Lucy Dreams

The Raveonettes

The Raveonettes: Undervalued Revolutionaries, Revitalized Their last album almost marked The Raveonettes’ final hoorah. After about a decade making music together, Sune Rose Wagner and Sharin Foo wondered if the band’s relevance had expired. “It’s just that at some point in any kind of relationship, you sort of ask yourself, and each other, if you… Continue reading The Raveonettes