Link Wray – Portrait

Unheard Link Wray Tracks See Light

A pair of previously unreleased songs from Link Wray are scheduled to be issued on a 7-inch vinyl single come April 13th. Aligning neatly with 2018’s 60th anniversary of the release of his seminal instrumental song “Rumble,” the newly unearthed A-side is titled “Son of Rumble.” The B-side, “Whole Lotta Talking,” is another otherwise unreleased recording from the archives; let’s hope it’s another rippin’ electric guitar workout and not something lame like a whole lotta talking, literally, like Link Wray interview excerpts or some such. They wouldn’t do that to us, would they?

Dan Auerbach of the Black Keys is releasing the single on his Easy Eye Sound imprint. Says Auerbach, “I saw [Link Wray] play in Cleveland at the Grog Shop and he blew my mind. To get the chance to put out unreleased songs on Easy Eye is amazing and a dream I never thought was possible.”