Tacocat Mess This Place Around

Yo banana boy! Was it a cat I saw? Indeed, it was. Tacocat, to be precise, one of the most ebulliently enjoyable combos to emerge from Seattle since heroin became passé. Formed in 2007, the quartet’s now up to their fourth full-length album, each better than the previous, and the forward momentum continues on This Mess Is a Place, which also finds them graduating from Sub Pop subsidiary Hardy Art to the aforementioned motherlabel.

Out May 3rd, the ten-song singalong bursts forth with all the catchy scrappiness we’ve always loved from this bunch, juggling elements of 1960s American garage rock, early ’80s dayglo power-pop and 1990s DIY indie rock for a harmonic/melodic wonderfulness that’s all their own in the here and now. Fans of the Bangles, Tsunami, early Liz Phair, Chastity Belt or the Smears will find much to appreciate here. So, cat tacos? I’m a lasagna, bang a salami!

Photo by Helen Moga.