Westkust Detonates Second Blast of Swedish Psych-Rock

Swedish psych-rockers Westkust craft gorgeous and formidable shoegaze gusts that phaser-stun their way directly into your memory banks. Their songs are as melodic and pop-centered as they are massive and cascading. And now, nearly four years after the release of their smoldering 2015 debut album Last Forever, the group returns with a self-titled follow-up LP, set for Stateside release March 1 via Run For Cover Records.

“We wanted to make songs that just feel good to listen to,” offers guitarist/vocalist Julia Bjernelind. “The thing that holds this band together is the friendship we’ve had for several years. We love playing together.” What a bizarre concept.

No tour dates announced yet; the way things usually go, they’ll probably play six shows in the U.S. this summer and none of them will be anywhere close to Atlanta. But here’s a little taste of the new album in the meantime…

Photo by Julia Foster.