Sophie Hunger – Sophie Hunger

Swiss songstress Sophie Hunger makes her US debut with this self-titled album, although the stunning and often humorous affair contains songs from two previous European-only records, 2008’s Monday’s Ghost and last year’s 1983. With folk, rhythm & blues and even hip-hop woven in to the complex layers of Hunger’s music, her style and voice are occasionally reminiscent of Feist and Regina Spektor.

From her pounding and wailing in “The Tourist” to the contemplative and edgy “Your Personal Religion,” she delivers a refreshing outlook for those of us who’ve just had enough. Whether it’s a bad breakup or you vs. the world, Sophie Hunger is telling you that she understands and this album’s got your back. Where it just lies beneath the surface in “Leave Me with the Monkeys,” a sarcastic humor is brought front and center in “Sophie Hunger Blues,” a wordy, Dylanesque ballad in which she offers the motivating advice, “Come on girl, you must awake, go get yourself a life!”

Each song has its own personality, a little gift. And yet they all make sense as a whole, crossing genres and combining them into a beautifully lyrical journey. Songs for any day you need musical empowerment or an outlet from the injustices of life – if you allow it, this record will get inside your head…and your heart, not that you have much of a choice.

“‘I’ll let you be a part of my dream, if I can be part of yours.’ Bob Dylan said that. ‘I’ll let you be part of my dream, if I can be part of your reality.’ I said that.”

Sophie Hunger
Sophie Hunger
[Manimal/Two Gentlemen]