Wau Y Los Arrrghs!!! – Todo Roto

Two things are evident after hearing Wau y Los Arrrghs!!!’ third LP: Sixties garage-rock revival is thriving, and the crew at Slovenly are a bunch of globally-minded geniuses.

If you’re into Los Saicos, Los Peyotes or any other blues and psych-tinged raucous punk precursors of decades past, you’ve likely gotten trapped in a YouTube K-hole of likeminded acts before. Like their English “the” band counterparts, there’s lots of “los” bands to be devoured: Los Brincos, Los Mitos, Los Diablos, Las Mosquitas, Los Tiburones – just to name a few. While those overlooked obscurities are in a special trove all their own, there’s more than a few brand-new acts fusing R&B melodies with sludgy guitar, frenzied keys and freak-out vocals. Slovenly’s smart to have picked up Spanish outfit Wau y Los Arrghs!!! because they are, hands down, the most impeccable leaders of that renaissance.

Juanito Wau’s growls will likely be indecipherable to most, and not just because they’re in Spanish. He’s just that gritty and guttural. The lyrics aren’t quite the point, however. The vocals are simply the super-charged, super dirty final embellishment on each richly layered rock ‘n’ roll spasm. The album runs start to finish as energetically as a live set; the tunes are so similar they’re hard to break apart. But why would you want to? Simply throw on the LP and get down. From “Todo Lo Voy A Romper” until “Casa, Trabajo Coche y Mujer” you’ve got a consistently slimy, frenetic soundtrack to a throwback bash fit for today. Or tonight. Or tomorrow night. Or every day, maybe even all week – because Wau y Los Arrrghs!!! will inspire you to party perpetually.

Wau y Los Arrrghs!!!
Todo Roto