Adult Swim Issues Chris Devoe Album

Atlanta-based Cartoon Network subsidiary Adult Swim has always favored homegrown talents, with past singles series including such heavy-hitters as Mastodon, Black Lips and Future. Now they’ve given a local musician and producer a valuable platform by releasing Chis Devoe’s new album With the Moon.

Devoe, not Bell or Biv, grew up on jazz and soul. Now he crafts his own mood-altering soundscapes as a DJ well-versed in hip-hop and experimental music. Within Atlanta, he’s the sort of artist whose name you’ve seen on posters and online for well over a decade, even if you’ve never heard his work.

On his new album, Devoe and an impressive cast of New York and Atlanta-based collaborators (Prefuse 73, Helado Negro, Zano Bathroom, pumashock, Kara Strauss, Ben Davis, Nate Sadler and Ryan Rasheed) weave the sorts of unnerving soundscapes that’d better suit a dramatic direct-to-streaming film or series than the bumper music between your stoner neighbor’s favorite cartoons.