Andedyr Get Into the Animal Spirit

Andedyr is the synth and electrified tuba project of Colin Bragg and Bill Pritchard of the 4th Ward Afro-Klezmer Orchestra. Per a message from Bragg, they’re a musique concrete/industrial duo that gets compared to Nurse With Wound (high praise, I’m certain).

To an uneducated set of ears, it’s a weird record, filled with unnerving ebbs and flows. A song like “Snoskred” sounds like an abandoned mission to deep space/the ocean’s depths interrupted by alien/sea elephant sexcapades. But really, if your attention span goes beyond three-minute pop songs, you can find the duo’s self-titled album via the usual streaming services and on CD. It takes imagination and a little patience to stretch an unusual concept into a full-length release, and that probably won’t be lost on these dudes’ target audience.

To hear the duo conjure up nightmare fuel in person, check them out on Jan. 17 at The Bakery with Celines, Moni, Cloning and Bromp Treb.