Black Country, New Road – For the first time

By gum, we’ve got ourselves a scene. Sure, it’s been a scene for a couple years now, but I’m sure there’s a scene in Topeka that’s gone just as long if not longer. This scene’s gotten too big for its britches, and it’s hardly a scene anymore, it’s a country. When it cries for independence,… Continue reading Black Country, New Road – For the first time

Endless Digital Birthdays – Becoming a Body

I think there’s a neighborhood or damp-in-the-night cobble street in the UK that cranks out clay schizophrenic models that mold and shape into Escher appropriations by Dali. The monstrous “it” blobs seething through closed storefronts while Jekyll and Hyde scream for their lives. The subterranean workshop makes these models with Talking Heads records and sheet… Continue reading Endless Digital Birthdays – Becoming a Body

Kevin Godley

Experiment One: Kevin Godley and the Consequences of Remote Collaboration In 2020, working remotely is commonplace. Even before circumstances required it, many people found that working from home could be just as efficient as showing up to a formal workplace. Creatives and musicians, of course, have known this for longer than most. Elton John and… Continue reading Kevin Godley

Live Band Karaoke Makes Atlanta Comeback

I seem to remember liking the Atlanta band Del Venicci, who were briefly active around town six or seven years ago. Subsequent to their split, singer Grace Bellury recruited a new dude crew hand-picked from other bands – Tymb Gratz (Mood Rings) on guitar, Chris Yonker (Omni, Hello Ocho) on bass, Adrian Switon (Shepherds, Jock… Continue reading Live Band Karaoke Makes Atlanta Comeback


In an attempt to deflect his interests away from music toward science, chemical beakers were his toys and gas masks were common attire. In a family devoid of musical inclination, Frank Zappa learned how to make gunpowder at six before becoming fascinated by explosions at a later age. He admits to being inspired by Ernie… Continue reading ZAPPA

Bent Arcana – Bent Arcana

One finds it very hard to not treat the Bent Arcana LP with kid gloves, as most media ear worms aren’t herbivorous. They see the name “John Dwyer” and they give it one blurry thumb up. This is because they just don’t understand it but are afraid to say otherwise. I don’t completely understand the… Continue reading Bent Arcana – Bent Arcana

Osees – Protean Threat

John Dwyer, extraordinaire-extraordinaire, delivers the first real album from the latest psych-O incarnate: Osees (drop the “H” you dust sucker!) What was previously long and lysergic-dipped jazz ooze (2019’s Face Stabber) is now quick pelts of ice-punk burst. As in the proverbial “WE,” we call it: Protean Threat. WE just got word back from the Nationale Garde,… Continue reading Osees – Protean Threat

The Marshmallow Ghosts Count Down to The Witching Hour

For 12 years, Savannah-based Ryan Graveface’s spookcentric project The Marshmallow Ghosts has released annual Halloween-themed records that are as distinctive in packaging as they in concept. This year’s offering, The Witching Hour, is presented as a radio show featuring a mix of call-in ghost stories interspersed with songs by The Marshmallow Ghosts, San Francisco’s swirly… Continue reading The Marshmallow Ghosts Count Down to The Witching Hour

The Flaming Lips

Mystery to Me: Life’s an Infinite Canvas for The Flaming Lips “You can be creative in almost anything,” says Wayne Coyne, frontman for The Flaming Lips. To prove his point, he describes his view as he calls from his home near Oklahoma City: “I’m looking out in my yard – I’ve painted the trees!” He… Continue reading The Flaming Lips

Crywank – Fist Me ‘Til Your Hand Comes Out My Mouth

A last hoorah if there ever was one. Crywank are James Clayton and Dan Watson, two anti-folk mad hatters from Manchester. Being self-managed and having virtually no coverage, they’ve made DIY ripples around the world with their sound. They decided sometime last year that they would break up after one last world tour. Said tour… Continue reading Crywank – Fist Me ‘Til Your Hand Comes Out My Mouth

The Mendoza Line’s Third Album Gets Expanded Reissue

Are you as sick of hearing that phony cuddly catchphrase “we’re all in this together” as we are? Especially since it becomes more and more clear every day that we are not, in any conceivable manner, in any of this bullshit together, in fact we are more fractured and divided than ever. Then my cynical/realistic… Continue reading The Mendoza Line’s Third Album Gets Expanded Reissue

Jarboe Cuts Through the Illusions

It’s more than a control thing. Jarboe writes the music, the words, records it, and mixes it. She’s picky, yet not bothered by mistakes. She doesn’t want her music sounding too glossy. It has to be raw – even off. Being deliberately confrontational or tapping into a place of pain or discomfort is what she wants… Continue reading Jarboe Cuts Through the Illusions

Skippy Spiral Brings the Circus to You

Musical clown Skippy Spiral, the alter ego of Savannah outsider Nick Ganas, has been delighting and/or freaking out that town’s populace with his peculiar performance art for many years, along with conducting creepy ghost tours and making wacko short films with Dame Darcy. Prior to landing in that coastal Georgia town, he’d played keyboards and… Continue reading Skippy Spiral Brings the Circus to You

Sutt’s Letters – First Collection

There I was, minding my own business, when I was hit head-on by a motorized rickshaw clean into neon meat dream. While there, I was fed a variety of exotic luxuries on dinner plates, each course flowing parallel to final digestion but existing separately as a holistic delight. I was told to internalize every microbyte,… Continue reading Sutt’s Letters – First Collection

Put Your Flaming Lips in my Deap Vally

Blistering California rock ‘n’ roll duo Deap Vally (Lindsey Troy and Julie Edwards) have trickled out a couple of new songs since 2016’s Nick Zinner-produced LP Femejism, but their next album is a collaboration with Wayne Coyne and Steven Drozd of Oklahoma psych-rockers The Flaming Lips under the banner Deap Lips. Their self-titled album is… Continue reading Put Your Flaming Lips in my Deap Vally

Clan of Xymox

Zymotic Reactions: A Man, a Plan, a Clan of Xymox “To be honest, without me there is no band – it was and is my project from day one,” says Ronny Moorings of Clan of Xymox, the groundbreaking darkwave/goth/electronica band that he has led since he first formed it in The Netherlands in 1981. “The… Continue reading Clan of Xymox

A Very Loud Death Do the Lurch

Atlanta trio A Very Loud Death – Bryan Peel, Chris Edge, Cole Robertson – contrast booming hard rock with twistier, trickier elements that lend a significantly more curious quality to their music. Their captivating track “Zoetrope” off their newest digital EP (or LP, or whatever’s in between), Ulimatique (available through their bandcamp page), might’ve earned them a… Continue reading A Very Loud Death Do the Lurch

Kim Gordon – No Home Record

As was the case with her work in seminal alternative act Sonic Youth, so might vocalist/bassist Kim Gordon’s first solo effort confound casual listeners, though diehard fans will likely find it interesting to sift through the esoterica to try to find clues to her enigmatic personality. This album has been a long time coming: after… Continue reading Kim Gordon – No Home Record

Zappa’s ’73 Halloween Shows Released

From 1974 to 1984 Frank Zappa played a series of legendary costume-clad shows around Halloween each year in New York City to celebrate his favorite holiday. Sadly, most of those shows weren’t recorded due to exorbitant fees charged by the musicians union there – yet another example of labor unions outliving their usefulness and becoming… Continue reading Zappa’s ’73 Halloween Shows Released



Floating in Vibration: How a Portland Cab Driver Became a World-Class Tuvan Throat Singer Named Soriah A champion Tuvan throat singer shares the stage with the world’s most celebrated gothic rock star. This sounds like the start of a Surrealist film. Yet this is exactly what happened when legendary Bauhaus frontman Peter Murphy invited Soriah… Continue reading Soriah

Victory Hands Are All Over That Dick

Atlanta-based band Victory Hands dabble in the angular rhythms and anthemic melodies you might expect from veteran post-rock and math rock musicians, but the lyrics come from an unlikely source. The paranoid rantings in these songs come not from the trio of Jimmy Ether (bass), Kip Thomas (drums) and Donald Shawn Christopher (guitar) but from… Continue reading Victory Hands Are All Over That Dick

Sequoyah Murray Begins the Begin

New Thrill Jockey recording artist Sequoyah Murray is a musical weirdo in the best possible way, earning the multi-instrumentalist comparisons to Arthur Russell and a chance to work with avant-electronic producer James Ginzburg (Emptyset). For a potent taste of his immense imagination and musical masterworks, check out debut album Before You Begin, out Sept. 13. Standout… Continue reading Sequoyah Murray Begins the Begin

Kim Gordon Releases First Solo Album Oct. 11

It isn’t as if Kim Gordon has been laying low since the 2011 breakup of Sonic Youth. With Bill Nace, she formed the experimental guitar duo Body/Head, which has released several albums to date. She formed a band called Glitterbust, whose debut album came out in 2016. She has delved heavily into visual art, and… Continue reading Kim Gordon Releases First Solo Album Oct. 11

Prince Rama Confirms Split; Taraka Flies Solo

I’ve been aware of Prince Rama’s breakup since January 2017, when Nimai Larson told me she’d left the band amicably, their last show having taken place a few weeks earlier in Dallas on New Year’s Eve. But it wasn’t widely known public knowledge, and I kept it that way. Last month, they made it official… Continue reading Prince Rama Confirms Split; Taraka Flies Solo

Change a Constant for Stacey Cargal

Atlanta singer, songwriter and musician Stacey Cargal (frontman for Blackfox, and half of The Hills and the Holler with Monica Arrington) tells a heart-wrenching story with the title track off his new digital album $7 and Change. Cargal’s cross between David Bowie-inspired soundscapes and Americana story-songs recounts the 2003 murder of Christian Henderson in East Atlanta… Continue reading Change a Constant for Stacey Cargal

Fly On, Fly Stone

Philip Langley “Fly” Stone, 70, died the evening of Friday, July 12. An Atlantan for most of his life, more recently he and his wife Amy resided in New Bern, North Carolina, where other than withstanding a couple of hurricanes they enjoyed a rather serene life, certainly compared to Stone’s tenure decades earlier in Atlanta… Continue reading Fly On, Fly Stone