Anita Aysola Cross-Pollinates Cultures

For something way different that celebrates Atlanta’s role as a cultural melting pot, check out pianist and Hindustani vocalist Anita Aysola’s new album Beyond Our Dreams.

The India native and Atlanta resident blends her Western and Indian classical training with her love of jazz and the blues. Considering Indian influences on ’60s pop, the world music vibes of the upbeat title track, the piano-driven “Bet On Us,” and the classic lounge singer styling of “Tourist in Every Town” won’t sound too out of the ordinary.

Still, this is something distinctly different than typical cross-pollinations of classical training and pop styles. Instead of divvying up her creative time between her American experiences and her Indian heritage, Aysola finds ways to smooth out a middle ground between Western influences and raga. As a result, her music represents one of the countless international communities that calls Atlanta home.

Aysola plays her local album release show at Eddie’s Attic on Wed., Aug. 22.