Chew On This: Demo Taped

Atlanta-based teenager Demo Taped, a.k.a. Adam Alexander, wants others to know they’re not alone in battling mental health concerns through “Pack of Gum,” the lead single off brand new EP Momentary.

“It’s about not wanting to be forgotten by someone you love,” says Alexander in a press release. “It’s called ‘Pack of Gum’ because when my anxiety was at its peak, it affected me physically. Sometimes I would get sick, and so I resorted to carrying around a pack of gum at all times.”

The electronic, R&B-influenced pop song is meant to inspire folks dealing with anxiety. Think the perennially lovable Andrew W.K., with a microphone and laptop instead of a rocking band.

The shy kids crew out of Toronto created the song’s clever and fun music video. Team-ups involving independent musicians sometimes include D.I.Y. visual artists and cartoonists, allowing stuff like this to be made and look great without big-money backing.

“I’ve always loved how animation can convey and assign emotion to any sort of object,” Alexander notes. “It can be silly and surreal but also hold meaning.”

In this case, the artist’s spit-out gum goes on to have its own adventures in a big, scary world, which might represent Alexander and other young creative types with a desire to get out there and create despite social anxiety and other obstacles.

Photo by Savana Ogburn.