Nitzer Ebb Vinyl Box Heralds Return

I learn something new every time I write some of these blurbs. For instance, I didn’t realize until just now that there was a genre of music called “electronic body music,” and that that’s what all that rigid, industrial wompin’ and bompin’ on those old Nitzer Ebb records was called. Wait – is that what KMFDM does also? Or is that something else? It’s all so confusing.

I was never into any of that Sprockets crap anyhow, but I knew plenty of people who were seriously into it. If you happen to be one of those people, you should be aware of a forthcoming vinyl box set, out Oct. 5 via Pylon Records, that includes re-mastered colored double-LP editions of Nitzer Ebb’s five albums for Mute/Geffen, released between 1987 and 2010, that are appended with assorted bonus tracks and hard-to-find 12” remixes by the likes of William Orbit, Dust Brothers, Vince Clarke, Alan Wilder, Jaz Coleman and other knob heads. Individual black vinyl editions of the reissued albums will be sold separately as well.

A repress of the group’s debut album Basic Pain Procedure (not included in the box) will also be available from the Pylon Records website for a limited time.

After taking a break beginning in 2010, Douglas McCarthy and Bon Harris have come back together as Nitzer Ebb, and will be bringing more of that electronic body music to your town soon. Tour dates to be announced shortly.

Photo by Hazel Hill McCarthy.