Black Lips, Khan Clan Unite for EP

A hidden gem on the largely boring list of Record Store Day cash-grabs teams local garage rock firebrands Black Lips with some of their most talented pals. Titled Black Lips & the Khan Family, collaborators include honorary Black Lip King Khan, his daughter Saba Lou (the young’un from an old Rob’s House and Die Slaughterhaus 7-inch grew up to become quite the singer) and verified bad asses and mind-blowing live act The Spits.

The eight-song EP boasts three versions of Khan clan and Black Lips team-up “52 Drops,” including Sean Lennon’s Italo Disco Version and an instrumental cut. On paper, the instrumental is unnecessary, but it’s really a fun listen that allows the contributions of Black Lips saxophonist Zumi Rosow to shine.

What makes the record a keeper, though, is raucous garage stomper “Too Much in Love.” It just sounds like a bunch of talented friends jamming in the studio after someone fortunately decided to hit record. That’s probably the case here, as these songs come from a 2017 session for a Berlin radio station. In all, this record’s best moments are raw, punk, and a bunch of other positive descriptors that point to the Black Lips’ lingering contributions to local music.

And since this is my best chance to sneak this tidbit in somewhere, check out Rosow’s bizarrely awesome, B-movie inspired fight scene with Tommy Wiseau of The Room/Disaster Artist fame! No joke. It’s in the music video for otherwise uninteresting California rockers the Neighbourhood’s  new single “Scary Love.”

Photo by Lance Laurence.