Buzzards of Fuzz Circle Hate City

Self-described desert rock band Buzzards of Fuzz just unveiled their sophomore EP, Hey Hate City!, a romping, stomping nod to blues, garage and heavy rock influences.

Opening track “Hey Hate City!/I Think I Hit My Head on a Cactus” starts with an ode to Atlanta’s music scene that’s one-half Stooges, one-half swampy southern blues-rock and ends with a brief freakout that hat-tips the desert but sounds at home down South.

It’s followed by the very different “Moon Shadow Drive,” a song guitarist Ben Davidow wrote at 2:30 in the morning. It really does sound like that barely describable state in between asleep and awake that lingers if you get up at a dumb hour to pee or refill the cat bowl.

Closing track “Like a Drug” is cover of a Josh Homme composition, turned into a duet between band member Van Bassman and Sasha Vallely (Sash the Bash, Midnight Larks) that simulates a Joshua Tree getaway/peyote trip.

In all, it’s a pretty reasonable explanation as to why the band gets some pretty sweet opening slots for artists ranging from Dick Dale to Cage the Elephant.

The album release show happens Friday, June 1st at a multi-act Star Bar shindig the band has dubbed Fuzzstock.

Photo by Ashley Kauschinger.