War on Women – Capture the Flag

The “War on Women” is a made-up, now-clichéd pejorative slogan in politics used to describe certain Republican Party policies as a wide-scale effort to restrict “women’s rights.” The term is often used to describe opposition to the contraceptive mandate in Obamacare and policies to defund organizations that perform abortions, such as Planned Parenthood. The cliché again gained attention in the 2016 U.S. presidential election, when Donald Trump drew notice for making “inflammatory” statements. The truth is, there is no real “War on Women.” Women can get abortions really anytime they’d like (at the time of writing this there have been about 339,707 total abortions in the U.S. so far in 2018, compare that to only 3,575 murders by gun, which is what everyone is protesting and getting so bent out of shape over as of late). Birth control? It’s covered by your healthcare, and even if it wasn’t it’s inexpensive-to-free anyway. There were a lot of wars going on in the Middle East, bombings, drone strikes and the like under the Obama administration (he bombed seven countries) that actually killed women and no one really seemed to care about that. There wasn’t much media coverage, no mass protest, no real liberal outrage. No one really marched on Washington until Donald Trump became President, sadly, and it wasn’t over war. The wars that actually killed women didn’t matter much, but suddenly there was a war that truly mattered, a made-up war, a war that mostly supposedly affected white people and their made-up, non-issue problems in their head – “The War on Women.” And you got to wear a doofus pussy hat, too.

War On Women, however, is a corny-as-hell punk band for morons that know nothing about music. They’re supposed to be this feminist band (but there’s two dudes in it for some reason) that writes on-the-nose, middle school-ish songs with hackneyed titles like “Predator in Chief,” “Divisive Shit,” and “Dick Pic” that any idiot with a low IQ could write.

War On Women is the band that infamously started “The Dickies controversy” last summer and got The Dickies thrown off, banned from the Warped Tour, and then trolled on the Internet by SJW, White Knight, PC thought-police “punks.” Why? Because War On Women were so offended by The Dickies’ penis puppet joke prop. Offended by a joke penis puppet? Adults? Keep in mind this isn’t a Christian band. This is supposed to be a punk band. They should change their name to War On Comedy, or to War On Art, or War On Letting Things Go, or maybe War On Punk, all those would be way more appropriate.

Punk has seemingly become only about providing safe spaces for folks to create mediocre, vanilla products that won’t offend anyone. If anyone goes against the ever changing rule book that makes absolutely no sense whatsoever they’re shamed and cast out by the group that now believes in groupthink and authoritarianism (even though they rail against these things) rather than individual freedom and free speech. Political correctness is destroying rock ‘n’ roll.

I fear the Christian Right LESS than these kinds of people.

BTW, this record was like taking a dumpster dive behind a Planned Parenthood, but if that’s like your fetish, you might get off on War On Women’s trite and sophomoric wannabe rage.

War On Women
Capture The Flag
[Bridge 9]