Cloak Heaves Forth Two Hits From Hell

Atlanta band Cloak’s heavy, harrowing sound dodges metal or punk subgenre classification. This bent on creating bleak rock ‘n’ roll without adhering to norms gives the group a Danzig-like devil-may-care creativity that’s lacking among modern horror-punk copycats.  That’s why recording a cover of “London Dungeon” for a 7-inch titled Two Hits From Hell seems more like a natural step than a novelty.

The Misfits cover keeps intact the chugging rhythm section that kicks off the instantly-recognizable original. Instead of copying Danzig’s Elvis-meets-the-Maniac-of-Gadara delivery, the band adds its own snarling vocal approach that guides a seminal horror-punk song down a much darker path.

The flipside is a 2015 demo of “Forever Burned,” a track that later got spiffed up for inclusion on 2017 debut album To Venomous Depths.

Just 300 vinyl copies arrive March 29 via Boris Records offshoot Midnight Cruiser Records.

Photo by David Parham.