Drivin’ N Cryin’ Love You Live

Folks all around Georgia know that 20-plus years outside of the mainstream didn’t break Drivin’ N Cryin’s will as a live act. That’s a state-specific statement because DNC takes pride in playing all over Georgia, from the expected spots in Atlanta and Athens to small town venues and metro area listening rooms.

For example, when it came time to throw a release party on June 20 for DNC’s latest album Live the Love Beautiful, the group appeared at Madlife Stage & Studios in downtown Woodstock. That venue’s not a hole in the wall by any means, but it’s an intimate spot to catch one of the last great homegrown rock bands standing.

For those of us unable to make it to Woodstock (or anyone interested in reliving part of their Hot Dad Rock Summer), check out the forthcoming double live album recorded that night. It features the entire album performed in its entirety plus additional tracks.

Only 300 vinyl copies will be pressed with each sleeve autographed and numbered, which helps justify the $40 price tag. Expect your copy to arrive around mid-January.