Neil Young: Still Crazy After All These Years

Neil Young meanders back into action with his old buddies Crazy Horse for a new album titled Colorado. Out on Reprise Records Oct. 25, it’s his first album in seven years with his familiar if sporadic backing group, now including perennial replacement guy Nils Lofgren, returning to the fold to fill the gap left by the departed Frank Sampedro.

The two songs released from Colorado so far – “Milky Way” and “Rainbow of Colors” – are ambling yawners, which should surprise no one who’s listened to any of the crap Neil’s put out for the past 20 years. The former is at least somewhat listenable as background music. “Rainbow of Colors” is just another tiresome scolding from the Canadian multi-millionaire wherein he takes it upon himself to speak for the United States and invite any and everyone from around the world to come live here with no regard for sensible immigration processes – because, y’know, Neil has a heart of gold.

Hey Neil – how many MS-13 gangbangers and diseased homeless have you invited in from the trashed streets of L.A. to live with you and Daryl Hannah at your nice pad there? Tons, I’m sure. Please provide photo documentation. Thanks.