Gemini Man

A vet of Somalia and the Persian Gulf War, after 72 confirmed kills Henry Brogan (Will Smith) has re-evaluated his life and grown a conscience, choosing to retire from The Defense Intelligence Agency, a government organization of soldiers who take out and eliminate world threats. The twist of it all is that Clive Owen as the DIA head has been busy developing a clone army to relieve humanity of its grief over war casualties! Shades of Captain Kirk lecturing the planet that sends lottery winners to the disintegration chambers prolonging planetary conflict for generations. But then, there are also elements from The Prisoner included in this Ang Lee film that looks like a preliminary rotoscopic drive-in European spy thriller from the early ’70s. Filmed in and around Savannah, Georgia, Brogan is targeted for termination to tie up loose ends and predictably he expects as much, believing Danny (Mary Elizabeth Winstead), a harbor guard, has been given his contract hit. But he’s quickly convinced someone vigorously younger is out to kill him, played by a CGI’ed Will Smith clone. I’m no fan of John Wick or Jason Bourne films, so even though this movie is cheap looking with silly overtones, I prefer its pacing.