Dwayne Shivers in the Southern Breeze

On Atlanta-based Americana act Dwayne Shivers’ new album Buffered & Blest (out since March 1), folk instrumentation leaves plenty of breathing space for songwriter Micah Dalton to sprinkle in a lot more psychedelia and a little bit of soul.

Lead single “My Egypt is in My Mind” falls somewhere in between an otherworldly indie rock song and a comfortably familiar nod to Southern rock ‘n’ roll.  Delving into the album reveals more sonic experiments in the Americana vein, including the poetic R&B styling of “Southern Breeze” and the artsy experimentation heard on “Quality of Life.”

An impressive supporting cast brought this unpredictable album to life, including producers Jeremy McDonald (Kevin Garrett, Welcome Wagon) and Anthony Aparo (Improvement Movement) and mixer Jason Kingsland (Deerhunter, Belle and Sebastian).

Not every unpredictable folk record features a lyricist with the imagination and talent to pack meaning and immediacy into each track. Once Dalton’s storytelling chops emerge as the heart of each cross-genre plastic surgery creation, it becomes clear that he grasps the songwriting talent necessary to gain his passport for Americana’s Island of Misfit Toys.