Futurebirds Emphasize Teamwork

Athens band Futurebirds juggle being exceptional at performing psychedelic rock, alt-country and Southern rock on their latest album Teamwork, out Jan. 15.

When it comes to column A, the jubilant “Dream, Fam!” blows away the forced weirdness of any cassette tape fetishist goofs. The group also slows things down a tad for the oddball soundscape “Waiting on a Call” and alt-rock mire “Wandering Minds.” All three songs flex the five-piece band’s creativity and versatility and state the group’s case as one of Athens’ best musical exports over the past decade.

As for alt-country and Southern rock, the group proves it could board the Americana bandwagon behind twangy selections “My Broken Arm” and “Killing Ground” as well as hazier blues-rockers “Crazy Boys,” “Trippin’” and “Picking Up Strangers.”

After digesting how well the band jumps between styles and influences, the album title takes on new meaning. Indeed, it takes teamwork for any group to be so good at so many different things.