Georgia Dish Boys Promote Good Country Livin’

Seven-piece Athens band Georgia Dish Boys bathe their mutant punk baby in country and folk bathwater. That’s to say they bring the experimental bent of past Classic City rock ensembles while toying with way-out country-rock that appeals to roots purists in search of something new.

On recent album Good Country Livin, raving mad grunge troubadour Seth Martin and his bandmates sound like a bizarre blend of Meat Puppets, Neil Young and today’s genre-defiant Americana acts. For example, the acoustic guitar-driven “What If” is a twisted love song with a brief shout-out to Willie and Waylon. Other uneasy yet familiar-sounding cuts include the gorgeous country-rock homage “Kiss You on the Jeans” and the Rolling Stones-style twang of “Put My Records On.”

The band and its new album overlap the comfort of country classics and Southern songwriter tropes with a concerted effort to keep Athens’ rock scene weird. Catch ’em at the 40 Watt on Saturday, Aug. 3.