Get Into The Head’s Space

Rock trio The Head’s growth from a young power-pop band to seasoned performers continues with forthcoming album Space.

The new album, out Aug. 4, finds brothers Jack (drums) and Mike Shaw (bass, vocals) and longtime bandmate Jacob Morrell (guitar) upping the new wave vibes. “New wave” meaning guitar rockers with a knack for writing both catchy choruses and fleshed out stories, à la The Alarm.

Standout tracks include the anthemic “Tea Colored Radio” and “Zoey.” The latter’s music video casts the band’s music as the impetus for a young woman’s private bedroom dance party. That’s a really cool goal for a band to literally visualize for a song – wanting their fans to dance along at home just like the band’s members have surely done to their own go-to jams.

New tunes double as incentive for The Head to tour. A 55-city tour including some West Coast stops follows the album’s release, with a trip to the UK on tap for the fall. Wish them well (and perhaps consider donating some of your old clothes to them, as they cannot afford shirts) when they play a hometown Atlanta release show of sorts this Saturday, August 5th at Rowdy Dowdy, 1300 Sylvan Road in the scenic Capital View neighborhood.