Kenosha Kid Puts Together Missing Pieces

Guitarist/composer Dan Nettles’ Athens-based group Kenosha Kid has been mostly known for its explorations into jazz and fusion territory, but the ever-shifting act’s latest album, Missing Pieces (out now on vinyl, CD and digital) is a varied batch of instrumental guitar rock. The jazz elements are present but mostly chill out in the corners.

Instead, you’re treated to beefy full-on electric cage matches, with glimpses of prog and psychedelia, alternating with softer acoustic-ish pieces that get busy with a string section or saddle up for a twangy ride around the pasture. Second guitarist Rick Lollar, electric bassist Robby Handley and drummer Marlon Patton convene to give the pieces the spaciousness and expressiveness they deserve. And technically, Missing Pieces is not completely instrumental – the title track revolves around ghostly vocals that amplify in presence and menace throughout its three minutes.