Kitty Rose & the Rattlers Rumble on New 45

Traditional rockabilly outfit Kitty Rose and the Rattlers have a whole slate of dates coming up at Big Tex in Decatur, beginning with a May 12 release party for the band’s new 7-inch single.

Rose and her supporting cast hone in on that jazzy swing at the heart of a good rockabilly tune on new A-side “Junkin’ Jimmy’s Car.” By shunning the chugga-chugga slap bass formula that makes a lot of modern-day rockabillians way too predictable, the song’s pacing and instrumentation makes the most of Rose’s talents as a former country artist and a could-be soul singer.

On the flipside, “Up Side Down” revisits the music that went from Memphis street corners to Sun Studios at a pivotal point in popular music history. Fittingly, future plans for the band reportedly involve Sam Phillips’ old digs, so literally expect more where this one came from.

A month-long Saturday night residency at Big Tex follows in June, offering ample chances to catch a night of true-blue rock ‘n’ roll.