Lord I Was Born a RMBLR Man

To give you an example of how unhip I am, the first couple of times I saw RMBLR I would tell everyone I encountered the next day that they had to check out Atlanta’s best new band, Rumbler! Imagine my embarrassment when eventually I was quietly taken aside and informed that they pronounced it Rambler! That doesn’t sound nearly as rock ‘n’ roll, but who cares – they could call themselves Roombler and only sing punk anthems about sucking crumbs off the kitchen floor and I’d still be on board.

Like the Barreracudas (and Adrian’s in the gang, so why not?), they look like cartoon characters, and they’re fun as all get out, but these full-time men mean business. The new 7” on Die Slaughterhaus, “Play the Fool” b/w “Serious,” is a double-punch of tough guitars, roughneck rhythms and ample impassioned yellin’ and screamin’, in compact spurts that’re irresistible and catchy as heck. Between this, Dinos Boys and organizing the Down South Showdown, Chase Tail has sorta taken over (from whom?) the role of Atlanta’s rock ‘n’ roll ringleader and emissary. I think that calls for another tattoo.