Low Valley Hearts are Beating

Walk a cold, dark path this winter with Low Valley Hearts. The Atlanta-based four-piece revels in the mystery and majesty of synth-driven rock ‘n’ roll (and cats) with their newly released debut album Pictures of Your Mind.

The band’s one-sheet promises an album that “explores the possibilities of astral projection, alien mind manipulation, and the pleasures of pet companionship.” The latter defines “Lulu,” a fantastical tale about a fuzzy little dude previously cat-sat by band member Evgenia Leshchinskaia (synth, piano, vocals). As the song’s music video reveals, Lulu may or may not live an intriguing double life while she’s out and about doing cat stuff. It’s sweet and totally relatable for anyone who questions a shifty pet cat’s true motives.

The group teams Leshchinskaia, a trainee of a Siberian conservatory, with fellow electronics mad scientist Zalika Yavlinskiy and two Small Reactions members, guitarist Rossellini Politi (formerly of the Carnivores and numerous other bands) and drummer Sean Zearfoss.