Misanthropic Aggression Unfetters Freaks in Hell

Misanthropic Aggression is an apt description for nearly all I witness on social media on a daily basis, certainly lately. It also happens to be the name of an Atlanta-based black/death/thrash metal band, whose three-song 7-inch is out this week on Boris Records, carrying the absolutely brilliant title Alcoholic Polyneuropathic Freaks in Hell (which would make an even better band name – somebody get on that!)

That’s also the name of the song that takes up side one, a frenzied outbreak of brutal sputum hurled forth with the velocity of hardcore punk and the chaotic relentlessness of a velociraptor butchering its prey. The vocals alternate between berserk rapid-fire barks and congested belches, but you can actually make out a word or two here and there. Guitar solo outbursts are limited to less than ten seconds each, but they’re sharp and loony and cosmic in the best possible way.

Side two begins with “Retired From Life (Last Day of Work),” a downbeat slog that turns unhinged and savage, sort of like the mindset trajectory of the past several weeks. They save the most full-on insane rager of the three for last: “Blacklisted,” which is a position I can certainly relate to. It’s a merciless blast of hostility and vindication that I could almost hear Motörhead tackling in their Philthy/Fast Eddie golden years. And it’s got bonkers guitar out the wazoo.

In lieu of a proper release show, Misanthropic Aggression will be doing a high quality two-camera livestream on Saturday, April 25 at 9 p.m. You’ll need to log into or create a YouTube account to participate.

Photo by Alison Benedict.