Five Years Rippin’ Out the Jams

Atlanta-based A Rippin’ Production spent over four years putting on some of the best metal and punk shows in town before earning booking responsibilities at 529 back in April. To celebrate its growth from a one-man operation to a multi-person force in the East Atlanta Village, the company will host a three-night fifth birthday party on its home turf.

The Aug. 9-11 event at 529 features top-notch touring headliners. High Spirits (Chicago), Morbid Saint (Wisconsin) and Daikaiju (Houston), respectively, share a nightly bill with some of the Georgia bands that have logged hours upon hours of stage time for A Rippin’.

“Over the past 500 shows we’ve helped thousands of bands, and none of it would be possible without the constant evolution of the local bands,” says company owner Amos Rifkin in an email. “We’ve seen the rise and fall of some amazing homegrown talent in these five years, but bands like Gunpowder Gray, Lazer/Wulf, SheHeHe (pictured) and others have been crucial both in anchoring locals-only bills as well as supporting touring acts both big and small. We’re happy to have so many members of bands we’ve leaned on over the years be represented as support for the anniversary party. The performers’ bands have been part of over well over 100 of our events!”

Expect Rifkin and his support staff to throw plenty more birthday parties in the new decade.

“Promoting is one of the only jobs I’ve had that can feel both thankless and gratifying, but I’ve long felt that with my skill set I had a knack for this,” Rifkin adds. “I’ve continued to learn and grow in this field. I can’t imagine giving it up any time soon.”

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