Nadia Marie Discovers Herself Through Song

The delicate dance tunes and dreamy electronic pop experiments on Nadia Marie’s EP Weekday Weekend make her a one-person creative force worth watching. Yet despite the quality of the songs “Who Knew” and “Two Things,” the best way to put over Nadia’s solo debut requires a look at how a horrible accident inspired such beautiful music.

During her time in college, Nadia suffered amnesia following a traffic accident. Per a press release, a pedestrian ran out in front of the car Nadia was following on her bicycle. Unaware of the severity of her injury, she left the scene without receiving medical care.

The accident cost Nadia three years of memories – the two before the accident and the following year.

“There was so much of me that didn’t come back, so much of me that I couldn’t ever find again,” Nadia says in the press release. “I had no idea how to sculpt anymore. It was just gone. None of my clothing felt like it was mine. I didn’t like spicy food before, and now I’m obsessed with it. I had to relearn how to speak, and my speech patterns have been different since the accident. It felt like being Parent Trapped. I’m definitely not who I was, and I’m not really sure how I know that. There are all these little things in your brain that can be altered that you don’t think about until those connections are gone and rewired in a totally different way.”

While discovering herself in every sense of the term, Nadia wrote her new set of songs in her recovery bed with an iPad, GarageBand and a pair of headphones.

“I was literally in bed working on these songs, just banging away on a computer keyboard in my underwear,” Nadia says. “I was working so hard on them it pushed my recovery back. My obsession with writing and recording them, the level of concentration it took – I was supposed to be resting, but I was fixated. The songs were pulling me.”