Yes, You Should Check Out Rose Hotel

Jordan Reynolds, AKA Rose Hotel, went for a fuller sound on new album I Will Only Come When It’s a Yes. Instead of going the solo, D.I.Y. route, she recruited members of such Atlanta scene heavy hitters as Material Girls, Neighbor Lady, Shepherds, Karaoke and Palm Sunday. Together, Reynolds and her supporting cast created lyrically and musically robust songs that should resonate with listeners beyond the friendly confines of the East Atlanta Village.

From start to finish, the album serves as a showpiece of Reynolds’ versatility and her friends’ varied talents. For instance, it’s boring and unfair to liken upstart artists to names from the past, but Reynolds sounds a hell of a lot like Susanna Hoffs at certain moments, especially when the angular guitar work on “Better” hits its crescendo. On the folk-inspired track “Blue Light,” Reynolds doesn’t sound like any specific singer, but she certainly grasps the storytelling chops of a Violeta Parra or a Joan Baez without being all boring and abandoning her pop and rock tendencies.

For closing track “Running Behind,” Reynolds delivers another strong vocal performance for a mashup of ’70s horn-rock (a real subgenre and a valid reason to Google “Isis”), twangy roots-rock and recent indie rock that shows an appreciation for easy listening vibes (think Savoy Motel or Ariel Pink).

The album poses an important question: are other young acts in Atlanta half this good? If so, I should revisit old stomping grounds, starting May 31 when Rose Hotel plays an album release show at 529 with Chick Wallace, Palm Sunday and Sunset Pig.

Photo by Casey Doran.