Slipknot – We Are Not Your Kind

Corey Taylor is back with the sixth studio album from mainstream metal mainstays Slipknot, and while it’s kind of a mishmash content-wise, it does make sense for their fan base, as they’re all over the map musically as well. In spite of the content being so sporadic, the production is certainly well-focused, especially for this kind of music.

We Are Not Your Kind starts off with a sampled/turntables (still?!) backing-track intro into the album’s single, “Unsainted.” That song and much of the record is somewhat butt-rocky to even pop-rock and resembles Stone Sour (Taylor’s other band) more than Slipknot at times. It isn’t until you hear Taylor’s trademark guttural screams that it truly feels like you’re listening to a classic Slipknot record. The whole record is like that – too sing-songy (back to the whole Stone Sour thing), but at its best when the vocals are in your face and yelling at you. Having said that, fans that liked the previous songs “Wait and Bleed” and “Duality” will surely dig all the melodic vocal parts.

Slipknot are cheesy. They’ve always been cheesy. The remarkable thing about them is how they convince their audience that they’re not cheesy. That’s a rare talent in itself. Still, in spite of being the Hot Topic/Spencer’s Gifts house band, and even if you can’t stand their music for some reason, there’s no denying that they’re impeccable musicians, one of the most talented bands in the world. While this record won’t break any barriers or find Slipknot a new audience, it will keep their current fan base happy. They know what works for them.

We Are Not Your Kind