Neighbor Lady Moves In, Makes Ruckus

Atlanta-via-Athens band Neighbor Lady writes dreamy and often jangly indie-pop for now people. Think a less folk-leaning First Aid Kit or a rougher-around-the-edges Alvvays, or something like that. The foursome puts a lot of care into piecing together songs that help emote the shouts and whispers of dynamic frontwoman Emily Braden, as heard on their just released debut album Maybe Later.

Maybe I’m just too used to hearing myself and my kinfolks talk like banjos, but Braden’s twangy Rome, Ga. delivery barely stood out to me as I wrestled with why others toss around country-rock comparisons. Of course, a thick accent doesn’t make an artist country, but I’m guessing Braden’s delivery is supposed to be what makes the band sound distinctly Southern. Besides the gentle, folksy “Consider Me Mean” and the pastiche of sounds forming grand finale “Wring Me Out,” it’s still rock ‘n’ roll to me.

Release show happens May 18th at 529.