Pete McDade’s Novel Idea Comes to Life

Pete McDade – drummer for Atlanta combo Paul Melancon & the New Insecurities and, prior to that, Uncle Green, who occasionally still reunite for special occasions – has just had his first novel published by Wampus Multimedia. With each chapter a unique perspective told by a different narrator, including bandmates, girlfriends, managers, parents and fans, The Weight of Sound unfolds the life of aspiring musician Spider Webb and his Athens-based ‘90s rock band Monkeyhole. McDade stresses that it’s not intended as any sort of thinly veiled autobiographical recount of his own adventures with Uncle Green, although naturally, certain experiences did inevitably provide inspirational fodder for scenes and situations in the book.

As a bonus, the book comes with a companion soundtrack. McDade called upon many of his friends in the Atlanta music scene to write music for and record the songs, and vocalize different characters and bands from the novel, such as Cobraslap and Jack & Jill. Melancon sings as lead character Spider. Uncle Green’s Matt Brown and Jeff Jensen each co-wrote a song, as did Charles Walston, onetime singer for Atlanta country-rock band The Vidalias. Can a full-fledged rock opera performance be far behind?