Video Premiere: Metal McDonald “It Keeps You Running (To The Hills)”

In a metropolis whose music scene is waterlogged by tribute acts and cover bands, it’s refreshing to discover one whose gimmick is so absurd it’s borderline genius. As a bonus, Metal McDonald are genuinely hilarious, their silly concept proving sturdier than what once seemed like a one-off lark.

The gimmick? Classic heavy metal songs performed as if prematurely gray AC king Michael McDonald were behind them. “We operate under the idea that I, Metal McDonald, wrote all of these songs, so it isn’t really a cover band,” explains vocalist and drummer Mario Colangelo (Vito Romeo, Tiger! Tiger! and scores of other Atlanta bands), adding that the spark for the act happened maybe eight years ago while Tiger! Tiger! were in Los Angeles for a festival gig. Escorted by Mastodon drummer Brann Dailor, they all ended up partying at Slayer guitarist Kerry King’s mansion, where at one point Brann goes, “Kerry, this guy has been singing Slayer all day like Michael McDonald – you gotta hear it!” “So right in his face I sing ‘Reign in Blood,’” remembers Colangelo. “He didn’t laugh, and stared me down. What a humorless cock! He kinda was getting ready to give us the boot, and (Tiger! Tiger! guitarist/saxophonist) Shane Pringle, in his three-piece suit, bent to tie his shoe and fell in the pool, and King was all, ‘Get the fuck out!!’ Unreal.”

Hardcore fans that we are, Stomp and Stammer takes it to the streets today by premiering Metal McDonald’s AWESOME video for “It Keeps You Running (To The Hills),” an Iron Maiden/Doobie Brothers mashup unlike any you’ve ever encountered, as if! Made ‘n’ manufactured in characteristic anarchic style by local music vid geniuses Video Rahim and Ashley Simpson, guest starring members of the Biters (that’s Tuk next to Metal McDonald in the photo, in case you hadn’t figured that out), Mastodon and Cherry Bombs plus a harem of Hotlanta hotties, with makeup and wardrobe wizardry by Shane Morton and Vii Kelly, it’s masterpiece of epic proportions. So gather the family ‘round, press “play,” and be sure to go see Metal McDonald come alive at The EARL (488 Flat Shoals Avenue) on Friday, December 30th!

Photo by Ashley Simpson.