Quiet Hounds Make Some Noise

Atlanta’s Quiet Hounds have earned a reputation in recent years by maintaining pop accessibility while jumping around between subgenres, from indie-folk to avant-garde. That reputation’s fully intact, if not strengthened, after the Oct. 11 release of seven-song EP Everything Else is Noise.

The warm, electronic glow of the band’s best new song, “River Delta,” sounds soundtrack-ready for any filmmaker seeking some mood-setting music that’s not overplayed or stupidly expensive to license. The herky-jerky “Neu-rot-ical” is far from relaxing, yet it’s instantly enticing because of the tribal drumming that glues the song together.

Quiet Hounds dispense pop sunshine effectively, as well, as heard on the saccharine-coated “Ladders” and “Supine Kiss.” Better yet, the piano-led “Daring Greatly” backs up a notion realized by artists from Elton John on down: piano-led pop with a rock edge is the best kind of pop.

The next Quiet Hounds show comes Sat., Nov. 23 at Monday Night Garage (933 Lee St. SW), alongside Tennis, Of Montreal and others, for the Over/Under Fest.