Shehehe Poops in Your Yard and Leaves It

Athens trio Shehehe bash out big blaring punk anthem after big blaring punk anthem. Out July 31, their new album Pet Songs (via Richmond, Virginia’s Say-10 Records) delivers a sound beating of loud, boisterous, ‘90s-style shout-fests, marked by well-practiced split-second halts ‘n’ launches and call & response gang vocals. It’s bracing for a song or two but it soon becomes apparent that there’s only one trick up their sleeves and it’s not a very durable one. Everything’s hokey, cartoonish and one-dimensional, with no let-up to take a breath or a piss. Neither desperate nor serious, or even mildly amusing, there’s nothing about them that motivates me to care about whatever they’re squawking about.

Granted, there is one inspired aspect to the album. Designed to look like a well-worn black & white school composition book, the front cover art has Shehehe’s name plastered across the bottom left quadrant of the “book” in the form of a sticker. Driving the concept home, the back cover is covered with more “stickers” for the song titles, as done in the design of various logos of other bands. Most are pretty obvious and easy to identify, but it’s a cute idea.