Solar Flower: Heavy Petal Thunder

Atlanta newcomers Solar Flower, featuring members of Sub Pop recording artists Arbor Labor Union and local punks Mutual Jerk, describe their music as “heavy petal music.” ‘Heavy” unquestionably fits their music in the sonic and intellectual sense, as heard on the group’s brainy but not boring debut LP, You Are.

Any thorough review treating these songs as psychedelic psychoanalyses or well-crafted recreations of noisy, abrasive music’s modern building blocks would miss out on something, as there’s a lot to unpack from all eight songs.

For instance, the entrancing “Here I Am” and “Forms” are equal parts ’60s acid trips and explorations of contemporary heavy rock dirge. While those songs are oddly soothing, the repetitive “Aether” is downright terrifying, while the weird-ass flute accompaniment in “Trust Self” might just spark the punk rock Jethro Tull revival East Atlanta doesn’t know it needs. Seriously though, these songs masterfully chart a new band’s own path down multiple, familiar musical paths and make for one of the best local rock albums in months. They’ll be playing at The EARL Feb. 22 along with Hospice and headliners All The Saints.