Vimur: Pummeling Skulls for Sport

Vimur has transformed over time from a one-man black metal recording project of some guy calling himself Vaedis Eosphorus into one of the most formative Atlanta bands on the Boris Records roster. Their latest album Triumphant Master of Fates arrives March 1 and pays homage to musical heroes from much colder climates.

“Seditious Apertures” starts things off by damn near pummeling the listener’s skull, as opposed to inspiring a carefree headbanging session. Other tracks like scorched earth treaty-breaker “Nuclear Desecration,” the hellfire and brimstone soundscape “Sulphurous Hallucinations Manifest” and the macabre “Our Dearest Hopes Lie Buried Here” transport us to an extreme metal fantasy realm.

The 11-plus minute “Supreme Preemption of the Lightless Empire” caps off this collection of six metaphysical journeys. It’s the album’s most pensive, propulsive trek through the unknown.

In the bigger picture, Vimur’s latest set of songs should remind us all that Atlanta’s metal scene offers up a little something for anyone interested in the many facets of rock ‘n’ roll’s darker and more spiritual side. They’re at the EARL on March 2.