New Blues Comp Includes Rare Old Georgia Tracks

Wienerworld sounds like the name of a dystopian theme park devoted to the meat products of the Oscar Mayer company, but it’s actually a U.K.-based independent music company founded in 1981. Their catalog consists mainly of music DVD releases (along with, curiously, a lot of conspiracy theory/alien visitation documentaries), but they’ve released a bunch of… Continue reading New Blues Comp Includes Rare Old Georgia Tracks

Drive-By Truckers Unravel Second Album of 2020

The venue and festival shutdowns in the wake of the Wu-Tang Flu hysteria spared a significant portion of the United States and Europe from Drive-By Truckers’ tour stops for their election year meltdown album, The Unraveling, released on January 31. But perennial spokesman Patterson Hood – an absolute mendacious hunk of shit who’s declined to acknowledge… Continue reading Drive-By Truckers Unravel Second Album of 2020

William Shatner

“I Did It My Way!” Nobody – But, Nobody – Performs a Song Quite Like William Shatner At 89 years old, William Shatner shows little sign of slowing down. And I’m not even talking about his long and storied career in television and film (both in front of and behind the camera), his numerous books… Continue reading William Shatner

Status of the Greatest of and Latest of The Ladies Of…

The Ladies Of… could’ve named themselves Alabama Georgia Line, but we’re glad they didn’t. The truth is, even though Atlanta’s James Hall boasts the most name recognition of anyone in their lineup, they’ve included numerous members and collaborators among their ranks over the years and as it stands now there are more Alabamans involved than… Continue reading Status of the Greatest of and Latest of The Ladies Of…

Nikki & the Phantom Callers

The Beauty in the Dirt: Nikki & the Phantom Callers Walk Through the Shadows A common mistake made by many unseasoned independent/local bands is booking a release show for an album or single based on the estimated time of delivery from the pressing plant. It’s always a guessing game whether they’ll actually show up on… Continue reading Nikki & the Phantom Callers

Jason Isbell Reunites with Ghosts of His Past

Out May 15 via Southeastern Records/Thirty Tigers, Reunions is Jason Isbell’s seventh full-length studio album and fourth with his band the 400 Unit: Derry deBorgia (keys), Chad Gamble (drums), Jimbo Hart (percussion), Sadler Vaden (guitars) and Amanda Shires (fiddle). Produced in Nashville by the superhuman Dave Cobb, it assembles 10 new original songs by Isbell,… Continue reading Jason Isbell Reunites with Ghosts of His Past

Waxahatchee Comes In From the Storm

Katie Crutchfield is no stranger to stylistic shifts. Her band Waxahatchee began life as a lo-fi solo affair which she gradually fleshed out, culminating in 2017’s maximalist and superb Out in the Storm – at which point she took a hairpin turn and released an EP of hushed, stripped-down takes of earlier collaborations. Prepare for… Continue reading Waxahatchee Comes In From the Storm

Drive-By Truckers Peddle Another Grievance List

Somehow, in the midst of an ongoing record-breaking United States economy, Drive-By Truckers continue to grow even more miserable and infuriated by the day. Patterson Hood, who loves to throw words like “duality” around as if he’s some thoughtful philosophical commentator, moans that he’s spent the last three-and-a-half years “watching so many things we care… Continue reading Drive-By Truckers Peddle Another Grievance List

Art, Photography and Music Converge at Atlanta Gallery 378

A city’s underground music and underground visual art scenes will inevitably intersect, often resulting in the establishment of scrappy galleries that look and feel more like punk rock dive bars, and that occasionally or even regularly feature original musical entertainment as an integral part of their art openings. Atlanta has certainly seen its share of… Continue reading Art, Photography and Music Converge at Atlanta Gallery 378

Health, Happiness and Hank

BMG’s complete, 49-track collection from Hank Williams’ short-lived yet still influential radio program The Health & Happiness Show includes the claim to fame for two of Georgia’s earliest country radio stars. The compilation, available June 14 on two CDs or three LPs, features Williams’ only known recording of “The Tramp on the Street,” a Depression-era… Continue reading Health, Happiness and Hank

Neil Young, Pickin’ a Song or Two

Another year, another Neil Young concert from the ancient archives is excavated. This next one, out June 7, is titled Tuscaloosa, and it was recorded live at the University of Alabama right there in the titular town on February 5, 1973. Which means we get to hear ol’ Neil put her down right into the… Continue reading Neil Young, Pickin’ a Song or Two

Shelby Lynne & Allison Moorer

Shelby Lynne and Allison Moorer

Sisters With Voices: Shelby Lynne and Allison Moorer Bring It All Back Home Shelby Lynne has had a long and distinguished career in country and pop. She began her professional recording career in the late 1980s, and experienced her commercial breakthrough with the 1998 album I Am Shelby Lynne. Over the course of more than… Continue reading Shelby Lynne & Allison Moorer

Waxahatchee – Out in the Storm

Waxahatchee is a shape-shifting proposition. Katie Crutchfield still occasionally ventures out under the moniker on solo guitar – which was the project’s genesis – even after its evolution into a full band. She recently road-tested unreleased material as a duo, alongside longtime bassist Katherine Simonetti, opening for the New Pornographers. These new songs sounded sturdy… Continue reading Waxahatchee – Out in the Storm

Jason Isbell Embraces The Nashville Sound

Jason Isbell’s trajectory since exiting the Drive-By Truckers has been nothing short of extraordinary, if not wholly unexpected. Isbell’s contributions to the Truckers still stand among the band’s high points, and he’s only blossomed further in the ensuing years, winning two Grammys and two Americana Music Association Awards for 2015’s Something More Than This and… Continue reading Jason Isbell Embraces The Nashville Sound


Sister Act. Twin Shadow. (insert pun-free title here): Waxahatchee Still Prefers Tripping with Friends and Family Katie Crutchfield has recently moved back to West Philadelphia, the closest thing she’s had to a home since leaving her childhood base in Birmingham roughly six years ago. “Our whole little social stratosphere is back in West Philly,” a sorta gentrifying… Continue reading Waxahatchee

St. Paul & the Broken Bones

St. Paul and The Broken Bones is led by singer Paul Janeway (front).

From Barrooms to Ballrooms: The Mighty Rise of St. Paul & the Broken Bones Last month St. Paul & the Broken Bones headlined two sold-out nights at the Alabama Theatre, a 2,500-seat restored 1920s movie house analogous to Atlanta’s Fox, in their Birmingham hometown. It was a sweet reminder of how far they’ve come in… Continue reading St. Paul & the Broken Bones

Lee Bains III & the Glory Fires

2 Loud 4 Texas (But Not the Rest of Us!): Lee Bains III & the Glory Fires Stoke the Embers On a Thursday evening in mid-September, I was unreservedly party/show-hopping during a visit to Athens. You can regularly do that sort of thing on a Thursday in Athens, because usually there’s little else to do… Continue reading Lee Bains III & the Glory Fires

Man or Astro-man?

All Systems to Go: Man or Astro-man? Returns, Neither Old Nor Bloated It’s not that it was so surprising that the core members of Man or Astro-man? decided to take the spaceman jumpsuits, Tesla coil and other getups and gizmos out of storage and get the crew back together. It’s kind of become the established… Continue reading Man or Astro-man?

Waxahatchee – Cerulean Salt

There’s something about the new Waxahatchee record that keeps me coming back. This “something,” however, is not readily apparent. After listening to this record nonstop since it was released and pouring over the lyrics and liner notes, I couldn’t quite figure out what was so alluring about it. Ostensibly, the record, the second solo effort… Continue reading Waxahatchee – Cerulean Salt

Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit – Live From Alabama

While you weren’t looking, Jason Isbell became one of America’s best songwriters – from any genre; rock, folk, country, garage, you name it. Commencing during his 2001-07 stint with the Drive-By Truckers, Isbell quietly began establishing his bonafides via such tracks as “Decoration Day,” “Danko/Manuel” and “Goddamn Lonely Love,” all faves among Truckers fans. With… Continue reading Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit – Live From Alabama

Dan Sartain – Too Tough to Live

Thirteen tracks in 19 minutes. Dan Sartain obviously doesn’t see a future where he draws a crowd by playing a classic album in its entirety. He should, however, expect modern audiences to buy into his spirited take on punk. Never mind that the few people who’ve heard of Sartain already think he’s a punk act.… Continue reading Dan Sartain – Too Tough to Live

Primitons – Don’t Go Away: Collected Works

A restaurant in Buckhead used to have graffiti complaining that the guys in Primitons said they didn’t have influences. Whoever wrote that had a point. The Birmingham, Alabama group had plenty of obvious influences. They released their 7-track debut on the Throbbing Lobster label in 1985, so their Byrdsian jangle could just as easily have been… Continue reading Primitons – Don’t Go Away: Collected Works

Jon Byrd – Down at the Well of Wishes

“There are no second acts in American lives,” F. Scott Fitzgerald scribbled in his notes for his uncompleted novel, The Last Tycoon, before a heart attack rang down the curtain on his own story. Although married to a (crazy, beautiful) Alabamian, Fitzgerald obviously never met anyone like Alabama-born singer and guitarist Jon Byrd. Byrd began… Continue reading Jon Byrd – Down at the Well of Wishes

Jason Isbell

Working Class Hero: Jason Isbell’s Country and Soul Anthems Offer Solace from Desperate Times The first time I meet Jason Isbell it’s at a Drive-By Truckers show, circa the winter of 2005-06, and although the mood backstage is festive bordering on the boisterous, with well-wishers, hangers-on and bandmembers and crew all mingling noisily, Isbell seems… Continue reading Jason Isbell

Azure Ray

Love and Permanence: Azure Ray Draw Down the Moon No one in their right mind would trade their thirties for their twenties. If you can remember anything about them, they probably weren’t all that fun. But if you can’t, however, they’re horrible, tied with the teens as life’s two most calamitous train wrecks. It’s a… Continue reading Azure Ray

Dan Sartain

That’s Not Dan Sartain’s Ego Talking: The Lurching Life of the UK’s Favorite Humble Southern Rocker Dan Sartain is ready to do an interview – but, first, he has to sanitize the telephone. “Everybody in this house has pneumonia,” he explains from his parents’ home in Montgomery, Alabama. “I’m talking to you with a t-shirt… Continue reading Dan Sartain