Child’s Play

Seldom is movie remake, especially in the horror genre, ever better than the original. They’re generally hollowed out shells of the source material, or completely different, or just end up being tawdry disappointments engineered to capture a new generation of viewers (and that usually doesn’t work out either – they’re duds, no one cares). But every so often there comes along a random remake that shines through the crap. The new Child’s Play remake is one of those examples. In the original Child’s Play, a creepy serial killer possessed a toy doll. In the new movie a disgruntled employee at an A.I. firm creates what will become the psychopathic Chucky – a wonderfully modern and less cheesy spin on the slasher classic! Aubrey Plaza (Parks and Recreation) stars in the role of single mom Karen Barclay and Mark Hamill is the voice of Chucky (he does a tremendous job!).