You’ve Got Nag on Your Lip

Nag (pronounced nog, like the holiday beverage) is Brannon Greene from almost every awesome Atlanta punk band in recent memory (Predator, Beat Beat Beat, Frantic, GHB, etc.) (etc. isn’t a straight-to-cassette project) on guitar and vocals, unleashing his latest creative vision alongside drummer Ryan Fetter and bassist Tony Kozera. Their latest stab at keeping local punk weird comes via a… Continue reading You’ve Got Nag on Your Lip

War on Women – Capture the Flag

The “War on Women” is a made-up, now-clichéd pejorative slogan in politics used to describe certain Republican Party policies as a wide-scale effort to restrict “women’s rights.” The term is often used to describe opposition to the contraceptive mandate in Obamacare and policies to defund organizations that perform abortions, such as Planned Parenthood. The cliché… Continue reading War on Women – Capture the Flag

Future Islands – On the Water

Last year’s In Evening Air captured Future Islands’ frontman Samuel T. Herring in the ranting throes of a devastating breakup. On the Water doesn’t find Herring much happier, but he’s now pensively assessing the wreckage from a safer distance. On the Water is a less challenging record but it’s a more approachable one, and nearly… Continue reading Future Islands – On the Water

Animal Collective

All Creatures Great and Small: Animal Collective Answers the Call of the Wild The human inhabitants of Oxford, Mississippi paid little mind when Animal Collective pulled into town to record Merriweather Post Pavilion. But what about the other denizens – the purple martins, the white-tailed deer and the cottonmouth moccasins?  Surely they must have wondered… Continue reading Animal Collective

Ponytail – Do Whatever You Want All the Time

Do Whatever You Want All the Time has led me to question what I want from a Ponytail album. More to the point, it may cause Ponytail to exclaim, “What do you want from us?!” It’s the art-noise quartet’s most listenable disc, and the first not to wear out its welcome before the finish. Yet… Continue reading Ponytail – Do Whatever You Want All the Time

Wye Oak

Grocery Shopping For One: Wye Oak Learn To Be Together Apart Wye Oak are two young people from Baltimore, Jenn Wasner and Andy Stack. With Jenn on guitar and vocals, and Andy simultaneously playing drums and keyboards, they create sparse, beautiful, captivating songs that are at once affecting and enigmatic. Wasner’s gentle, tender voice, inflected… Continue reading Wye Oak