You’ve Got Nag on Your Lip

Nag (pronounced nog, like the holiday beverage) is Brannon Greene from almost every awesome Atlanta punk band in recent memory (Predator, Beat Beat Beat, Frantic, GHB, etc.) (etc. isn’t a straight-to-cassette project) on guitar and vocals, unleashing his latest creative vision alongside drummer Ryan Fetter and bassist Tony Kozera. Their latest stab at keeping local punk weird comes via a split 7-inch single with Lip, issued by Space Taker.

“Surfer” is the song you should post on social media the next time an out-of-town friend asks about potential opening acts in Georgia – making it part of the utilitarian punk sub-genre. About 50 seconds of rage literally sounds like it goes down the drain as it’s replaced by a sampling of what Greene has to offer with his synth side project, Hospice.

Lip from Baltimore play loud, fuzzed out punk rock that’s not so different from Nag. “Control,” for example, jams a lot of aggravation (and some pleasant-sounding backup vocal melodies) into less than two minutes. I know next to nothing about this band, except that its side of the record rips and they’d fit right in here in Atlanta.